Hall Houston university lecturer ELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
Hall Houstonuniversity lecturerELT author, presenter and teacher trainer

University ELT is a collection of short articles by EFL teachers at universities around the world which provides a wealth of inspiration and insight into teaching practices. The essays, games and activities contained in this book share a diverse range of teaching styles and approaches, making it a must-read for any university educator looking to improve their pedagogy. It covers many practical topics such as learning names, forming pairs and groups, getting to know you activities, extensive listening, and teaching vocabulary. The authors who contributed to this book are Kathryn Akasaka, Nadia Ammar, Joanna Buckle, Jamie Clayton, Rachel Connabeer, Glenda Demes da Cruz, Carlotta Dell'Arte, Jamie Emerson, Renis Gabriel, Scott Gross, Laura Hadwin, Marc Helgesen, Hall Houston, Kevin Kewley, Michael Lesser, Yu-Chi Liu, Tien Mai, Taylor Melton, Neil Millington, Benjamin Luke Moorhouse, Simon Mumford, Steven Murray, Matthew Noble, Michelle Ocriciano, Konstantinos Pitychoutis, John Rucynski, Tyson Seburn, Mayuri Sooriyampola, Charlie Taylor, Tory Thorkelson, Adrian Wallwork and Shradha Ghosh.


"An interesting collection of activities that will be a useful addition to any teacher's toolkit, be they engaged in university teaching or more regular EFL work."

Christopher Walker, Goodreads