Hall Houston university lecturer ELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
Hall Houstonuniversity lecturerELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
The Creative Classroom introduces language teachers, substitutes and teachers-to-be with brand new ways to design their teaching plans. The Creative Classroom introduces 84 well thought out in-class activities to enlighten and enrich any existing curriculum. The Creative Classroom helps students generate more ideas for speaking and writing, to solve problems more effectively, and to complete projects with greater enthusiasm. These 84 flexible (from 5 minutes to an hour), generic (from beginner to advanced), and easy-to-follow activities serve as a handy encyclopedia to fill any unexpected classroom gaps with fun and creativity. The Creative Classroom inspires teachers to go to the next level, to improvise, and to create their own new set of teaching techniques.

The Creative Classroom: Teaching Language Outside the Box, by Hall Houston, contains dozens of bite-sized exercises to spark authentic language and creative discourse, This slim book, published by Lynx, should especially appeal to ESL students with a background or interest in engineering, science, and the arts.

- Eric Roth, Compelling Conversations
[Plenty] of suggestions for finding new ideas...useful as a tool to help teachers explore their work... beneficial for teachers of students who enjoy problem-solving, especially a conversation class.
- Simon Mumford, English Teaching Professional
This book is for anyone looking for something different to do in class, for teachers who want to be more creative and stimulate more language, anyone interested in creativity, or anyone in need of some material to fill up the first or last ten minutes of class. In short, it is a great collection of useable and user friendly activities... I recommend this book to any teacher in any teaching context - particularly those of you who wish to extend your own thinking and that of your learners.
- Kaithe Greene, TEFL.NET