Hall Houston university lecturer ELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
Hall Houstonuniversity lecturerELT author, presenter and teacher trainer

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101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students is filled with a variety of language learning activities that can be used throughout the semester. While designed with university teachers in mind, teachers of other subjects (and levels) will also find these activities useful in their classrooms.


The activities in this book relate to three major themes: the context of the university environment (students learn by talking about their lives as university students), group dynamics – the stages of a group (the stages all students go through during a semester), and active learning (learning through actively using the course material, instead of listening to a professor deliver a lecture).

The book is structured around the three main time periods of the semester: the beginning, the mid-period and the end. Activities in the first chapter are ideal for the first few weeks of class. The aims of these activities include learning names, learning about the teacher, learning about other students, and understanding the syllabus. Activities in the second chapter are suitable for the middle of the semester. The aims in this chapter include adding variety to lessons, reviewing material from previous weeks, talking about university life and giving feedback to the teacher. Activities in the third chapter are for the last week of the semester. Aims here include reviewing the entire course, talking about future plans, and ending the semester with a positive feeling.

This book also contains teacher development tips, short exercises designed to help teachers reflect on their own teaching and professional development in a university setting. In addition, the book has a list of recommended readings and web resources for university teachers.


Testimonials for 101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students:


Hall Houston provides an important resource for establishing a positive environment conducive to learning. Although 101 EFL Activities is geared for Teaching University Students, I have found it to have widespread appeal for educators at all levels. Having experience teaching 2nd and 3rd grade, middle school, high school, and university, I enjoyed thinking about how I would adapt these strategies for different ages and subject areas. This useful guide of strategies is one to include in your lesson planning.


Patrice M. Bain, Ed.S. Author of Powerful Teaching, A Parent's Guide to Powerful Teaching
This book should prove very useful to those teaching university students ( or with some adaptation other subjects and levels). It offers activities which not only provide useful language practice but deal with the social and psychological aspects of life at university: getting to know people, finding your way round the system, staying motivated and energised in the middle of a long semester, and finding closure at the end of the semester.  To be recommended!

Jill Hadfield, Author of Classroom Dynamics
Hall Houston has compiled a cornucopia of engaging and easy-to-implement activities for the ESL classroom, helpfully presented in tune to the rhythms of the semester. It would be impossible to read this book and not find at least a few new ideas to spark the learning and participation of your students. 

- James M. Lang, Author of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning
Whether you are a novice or an expert, in this resource book, you will find a range of engaging ideas for teaching English to the college student, for different stages of a course. The ideas are easy-prep, can be adapted to any classroom, and are not only fun, but many encourage critical thinking - very appropriate for this target group. The 'Teacher Development Tips' were a real bonus!

Meredith MacAulay, EAP teacher and teacher trainer at UNSWGlobal, Author of Energising EAP (the round)
This book focuses on some very engaging activities which both empower and motivate students to take charge of their own learning. By relating the topics to their own lives, students really come to life with this great variety of simple activities. I highly recommend this book to university teachers who want to get students more involved and interacting with each other!

Robert Stroud, Associate Professor, Hosei University, Japan and Editor of The University Grapevine Newsletter
This is an immensely useful book for language teachers working in university contexts. It provides them with a wealth of practical activities that they can use at different stages of the academic year. The book's emphasis on active learning is bound to enable EFL students to enhance their language proficiency in a highly engaging manner.

- Dr. Daniel Xerri, Senior Lecturer in TESOL, University of Malta and co-editor of English for 21st Century Skills (Express Publishing, 2020)


Book Reviews for 101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students:


"101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students is an excellent fit for any novice university ELT teachers or indeed old hands who need to mix things up a bit... 101 EFL Activities is easy to use, easy to adapt, and has sound underlying principles. I think I’ll be picking this one up again in the near future."


Jonathan Turner, WAESOL Educator, July 2022




"Depending on the stage of your semester and the purpose of the activities (learning about the teacher or looking toward the future, for instance), select a few activities you want to try. Next time, when you grow tired of pulling the same old tricks in all courses, take out this book and you will find an activity that interests you."


Vien Cao, MWIS Newsletter (TESOL), July 2022




"For many teachers, fun is something that takes place after lessons have finished for the day. But using tasks carefully chosen from this cornucopia, because that’s what it really is, fun should soon be on the weekly menu throughout the academic year."


Wayne Trotman, EL Gazette, July 2022












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