Hall Houston university lecturer ELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
Hall Houstonuniversity lecturerELT author, presenter and teacher trainer

Hall Houston's Home Page

Welcome to my website! This site is all about Hall Houston, ELT author and university lecturer. Here you can get up to date on all of Hall's latest publishing ventures.

My first article, 75 Teaching Ideas, appeared in The Internet TESL Journal in 1999. Shortly after that, I had another article published in One Stop English, titled Cannibalizing Warmers. Over the past couple of decades, I have produced numerous articles and several books, which include The Creative Classroom, Provoking Thought, Brainstorming and Creative Output. My two latest books are 101 EFL Activities for Teaching University Students (published in 2022) and University ELT (published in 2023). Click on the covers below for more information.