Hall Houston university lecturer ELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
Hall Houstonuniversity lecturerELT author, presenter and teacher trainer


Creative Output is a teacher's resource book for the most challenging stage of an ESL/EFL lesson - the production stage.Within these pages, you will find a diverse range of speaking and writing activities for fluency practice. In addition, this book describes the essential qualities of effective speaking and writing activities and shows how they fit into a successful lesson.


Book Reviews for Creative Output


"Creative Output aims, as its title suggests, at reinforcing the productive side of SLA by providing teachers with an impressive array of speaking and writing activities which can be adjusted to suit their needs. Considering that the aim of Creative Output is to make lessons more productive in terms of fluency development and less stressful for the user to manage, I would recommend this book to those teachers who are prepared to be selective in order to fully exploit these highly productive and entertaining fluency activities." - David Rixham, IATEFL Voices


"This book would make a highly pragmatic and useful contribution to every teacher's toolbox of activities." - Paulina Melichova, English Teaching Professional


"This book is in tune with what many educators are concerned about, namely the need for creativity in education, which applies also to language teaching. The book offers a wealth of practical ideas for productive skills - speaking and writing, book based activities and activities for young learners. Highly recommended." - Hania Kryszewska, Humanising Language Teaching


"Most English language teachers will already be familiar with the 'canon' of titles providing ideas for classroom activities...Erasmus and Houston have produced a work that ought to sit comfortably with the best of these tried-and-tested resources. Creative Output is highly recommended, but don't leave it on the shelf next to your other activities and ideas books. Open it up, dip into it and use it." - David Curtin, English Australia Journal


"This book of just over 130 pages starts with a clear and concise theoretical underpinning and follows up with a broad variety of activities which deal with speaking and writing in the ESL classroom. All in all, this resource book should provide a very welcome addition to any staffroom where busy teachers might need a spark of inspiration, a new idea or complete activities." - Steve Hirschhorn, EFL Magazine


"All the activities are well explained, indicating what preparation and materials are needed. The instructions are clearly staged, with many helpful notes about how to get the best out of the activity and your students. One of the great aspects of many of the suggested activities is that they require very few materials other than, for example, a video clip, some pieces of paper or a few everyday objects. This is a book I feel sure will be of equal use to both new and experienced teachers looking for fun, imaginative ways to enliven their classes."  - Gillian Fearn, TESOL Spain newsletter


“This practical paperback is convenient to carry around and can be used by novice and experienced teachers alike. The activities can be implemented for a range of age groups and language level abilities. If you are looking for some fresh ideas that can help you make your output tasks more creative, fun, and interactive then this practical little paperback is worth adding to your toolkit.” - Patricia Daniels, ETAS Journal