Hall Houston university lecturer ELT author, presenter and teacher trainer
Hall Houstonuniversity lecturerELT author, presenter and teacher trainer

Brainstorming is a teacher’s guide to creative exploration in the ESL/EFL classroom. It contains an assortment of practical, fun teaching activities that give students lots of opportunities to solve problems and discuss solutions in class. Brainstorming also features tips and resources for making brainstorming activities work successfully in class.This book is part of the round minis series for English language teachers: small books with small prices but big value.


Book Reviews for Brainstorming


"Brainstorming not only affords a multitude of approaches on how to transfer your students’ thoughts into language, it is also a very affordable and enjoyable text. So, shake up your routine and get your students’ minds into gear for the lesson ahead.”

 - Tony Rusinack, IATEFL Voices


"The eBook is invaluable for teachers who wish to seek inspiration for prompting learners to communicate and debate in English in a way related to brainstorming. All activities are very well written and it is a great example The Round do by publishing eBooks for English language teachers." - Martin Sketchley, EFL Magazine


"I think there is as much in there for teachers who have been teaching longer than they care to remember as there is for teachers who are just starting out. It is descriptive, rather than prescriptive, it gives you the tools you need to achieve a goal and in its own way, it is the spark that will lead you to your own lesson-based light bulb moment." - David Petrie, TEFLGEEK blog


"Brainstorming is a practical and useful e-book. I used a few of [the activities] with my own classes and they worked very well. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of the tasks did manage to get a lot out of those students in my classes who often lack imagination or are unable to come up with ideas spontaneously. I can clearly see the value of this e-book, and I thoroughly recommend it." - William Chaves Gomes, English Teaching Professional


"Brainstorming is a welcoming guide for teachers who want more creativity in their class and more chances for students to engage in critical thinking." - Hayley Crawford, English Australia Journal


"This creative work by Houston and Erasmus not only provides readers with the traditional mind-map that we have all used at some point or another, but also a how-to guide to productive and lively lessons with step-by-step instructions and starting points for each brainstorming session. I particularly enjoyed this e-book because it gave my lessons a much-needed spark. If you are looking for some inspiration for your classroom, and a new, fun way to spice things up, you've found it! This e-book is an excellent guide for teachers in all fields, and I would recommend it as a precious addition in their libraries." - Naida Vereget, ETAS Journal