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The ELT Daily Journal is for new teachers taking a training course or starting a job teaching ESL or EFL. This unique book gives teachers space to write down their thoughts and experiences, and pick up some basic tips and activities, gradually gaining confidence through reflection and practice. It allows teachers to develop at their own pace, writing daily entries or just writing a few notes once or twice a week.

The ELT Daily Journal is now available through Amazon.com.


Reviews for The ELT Daily Journal:

"The book provides new teachers with a treasure trove of practical ideas, top tips, and sound
advice. And most importantly, space to develop themselves as teachers – to discover their strengths, weaknesses, delights, and fears.On the whole the book is like having your favourite tutor standing, invisible, besides you as you enter that first scary classroom. There to give ideas and support,and to help the teacher develop themselves, professionally."

Beatrice Cockburn, TESOL Spain Newsletter

"The ELT Daily Journal is a flexible new resource that helps teachers use writing and reflection to gain confidence. Novice teachers will be delighted to have this book as a companion in their teaching careers, but experienced teachers will also find its ideas and suggestions refreshing."

Liliana Burga, IATEFL Voices

"Dr. Senior's introduction is a 'must read'...Each page gives new teachers the opportunity to try out a new idea or think about a new concept without being too overwhelmed by too many things at one time...Overall I liked this book. It is lovely to have all of these gems in one place."

Sandee Thompson, Modern English Teacher

"Although the book is designed to accompany a CELTA or similar course, I think it would also be perfect for more experienced teachers to take to a conference or series of workshops to save their notes. And as we are never too old or experienced to learn, or as we might like to reassess or revitalise our teaching methods, this might just be the catalyst we need."

Helena Lustenburger, The ETAS Journal

"The ELT Daily Journal, targeted at novice teachers, may be a valuable investment as you begin your journey. It very effectively provides new teachers with a useful, reassuring resource to turn to. A book like this could bridge the gap between those difficult early days and becoming established in the profession."

Lizzie Pinard, English Teaching Professional

"The ELT Daily Journal is not an ordinary ELT book on how to teach and learn better. The fun and challenge is that it is a book ready to be written by its reader...Despite the fact that The ELT Daily Journal has been written with novice teachers in mind, I dare say experienced teachers will make the most of it as well."

Alberto Gaspar, The APPI Journal

"This is a guide I would recommend for the new teacher. Houston's pedagogical approach of providing space for teachers to work out the issues by themselves is of sound value. This is a guide I still wish I had possessed when getting started. It will help the new teacher towards a better understanding of the profession and allow them to more easily survive in their first year(s)."

Brian Wadman, The Asian EFL Journal

"The author has designed a flexible yet encompassing tool for newly arrived teachers to this challenging yet noble career. This book is an excellent professional resource not only for novice teachers but also for experienced ELT teachers."

Dr. Josue Alejandro, PRTESOL-GRAM

"An easy-to-understand and practical ESL teachers' guide. It provides some words of wisdom from note-worthy English teachers and authors, along with space for you, the classroom teacher, to write in your own thoughts, ideas and activities. Even after the journal pages have been filled up, The ELT Daily Journal would be one of the quick resource books a teacher would want to keep on their bookshelf throughout their ELT professional life."

Irene Alice, MEXTESOL Journal

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