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Creative Output is a teacher's resource book for the most challenging stage of an ESL/EFL lesson - the production stage.Within these pages, you will find a diverse range of speaking and writing activities for fluency practice. In addition, this book describes the essential qualities of effective speaking and writing activities and shows how they fit into a successful lesson.

Book Reviews for Creative Output


"This book is in tune with what many educators are concerned about, namely the need for creativity in education, which applies also to language teaching. The book offers a wealth of practical ideas for productive skills - speaking and writing, book based activities and activities for young learners. Highly recommended." - Hania Kryszewska, Humanising Language Teaching
"This book of just over 130 pages starts with a clear and concise theoretical underpinning and follows up with a broad variety of activities which deal with speaking and writing in the ESL classroom. All in all, this resource book should provide a very welcome addition to any staffroom where busy teachers might need a spark of inspiration, a new idea or complete activities." - Steve Hirschhorn, EFL Magazine
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